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UPD8mysite brings you customised, pay by the month websites that you own after twelve months, backed by a team of professionals who can help you get the most out of your business site.

With creativity, constant technological advancements, training and just a hint of fun, it is positioned to offer you a comprehensive range of new media solutions. Be it an updatable website, graphic design, or a full brand management solution, our expertise ensures your satisfaction as it extends across a wide range of specialties encompassing internet technologies, photo manipulation, project and brand management and graphic design.


Updateable Site – With the Content Management System, you will have the ability to update or add unlimited pages to your website, day or night. You or a member of your team can update the site from a web browser, from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Responsive – A website that can function and be viewed easily on a desktop computer and mobile device is not only convenient for your customers, it’s a mandatory requirement from Google to achieve good search engine rankings. All of our sites are built to function in the most current web environments making sure your site isn’t being left behind.

Responsive Time Table – A weekly timetable builder that changes shape for mobile users. The responsive timetable schedule is a powerful and easy-to-use schedule plugin for your school. It will help you to create a timetable view of your events in minutes, perfect for gyms ans schools.

Event Calendar – Give your students the heads up. A strong calendar event system where you can post your upcoming year long schedule.  The events will get displayed in a monthly format and can also be shown on a sidebar as an “Upcoming Events” block. Each event can display a location with google maps, title and description with the ability to add as much info as you like. The events are also searchable, categorised and responsive for mobile devices.


Used by some of the top performing schools within EFC wordwide,



Leads Management – Take your site to the next level with Optimised Landing Pages.

  • Optimised landing pages to convert visitors
  • Automated, lead nurturing email campaigns to convert leads to customers
  • Mini-CRM to manage all your leads
  • Visitor activity and conversion tracking
  • Detailed campaign reporting

Event Registration – Allow students/customers to register for events. Most schools have at times events where people need to register to attend. These events can be free or paid events. The Event Registration tool is just that – A way for the school to collate all the users, in an easy to manage database of information. Once collated the users can be emailed in bulk, based on the event they will attend. The payments can be paid via Paypal or a variety of other payment gateways.

Video Tutorials – A portal built to help you get started. Not only do you get a ‘ready to go’ website customised to your requirements, but we have video tutorials and a manual with step by step instructions.

Image Gallery – A dynamic responsive photo gallery. With a 1 step upload, images can be placed into a neatly formatted gallery that can be enlarged once clicked on. The gallery will changes it’s structure when viewed on different sized devices such as a mobile phone, and they can also be categorised to show multiple galleries or events, instead of putting all your images into one large gallery.

Social Media/BLOG – Connect with your students/customers. To keep your students or customer base abreast of your latest ongoings, you will be able to link directly to them with your social media feeds and icon links. You will also be given advice on the best way to get the best Search engine results when posting to your news feed or Blog.

Various Add Ons – The ability to expand your system is endless. The Content Management System allows us to add on over 9000 extensions to enhance your site. Some of the available add-ons include membership area, forums, documentation and eCommerce shop.

  • A pay by the month website that you own after the first year
  • A custom designed site to suit your needs with industry leading tools to grow your business
  • A fully responsive website optimised for all devices
  • A team of marketing professionals ready to help you get your website working for you
  • A search engine compliant website setup for you to track your web visitors


Specialist Social Media Support


Our specialist EFC team and Advisory board members are available to you whenever you need assistance with your Social Media platforms. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkdIn or platforms such as MailChimp, EFC can help you set up and show you how to manage your business pages, offering support and advice on subjects such as Facebook Advertising, and how to set up your Facebook adverts for maximum results.



Social Media Management




Digital Harmony Services is a full service Social Media management company. Creating, developing and maintaining Social Media pages for businesses of all sizes to help grow their presence online, and connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

Your Social Media pages are speaking for your business whether you realise it or not.  It’s time to control your message and who sees it.  Digital Harmony can help you create, develop and maintain your pages while continuing to provide customised content targeted for your unique audience. We take all of the headache out of creating and maintaining a presence, and let you focus on running your business.  Each month you can expect a customised editorial calendar making no two social media pages appear the same.  Since our websites are fully customisable as well, rest assured that you will get the look and feel that best reflects your business.

Blog Content – Are you a trusted source of new and helpful information in your field? Let your blog do the talking!  Provide your clients with helpful tips, explanations, and analysis of happenings in your field.  Just as continued education is important for you, it is also important for your clients.  Continue to provide information that keeps them tuned in and trusting your message and your clients won’t dream of using anyone else.

No matter what stage your business is in with your social media presence, we can help! Our team can create a social media presence from scratch or audit and provide solutions to maximise an existing one.

Our goal is to attract your customers, engage them and then use that audience to drive sales with social media ad campaigns.

How Our Team Can Help:

  • Run social media pages for businesses of all sizes
  • Create any accounts or pages needed
  • Audit and propose changes to existing social media
  • Do all the posting for you
  • Respond quickly to all activity on the accounts (comments, messages, reviews, etc.)
  • Strive to keep clients’ pages growing and rich with engaging content
  • Improve engagement rates
  • Provide crucial feedback via monthly reports