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All EFC Members have complimentary access to EFC’s InFocus 2.0 School/Business Management System. The package is 100% web-based, and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with a browser, 24 hours a day including Android & iOS devices.

InFocus allows you to manage all aspects of your business from one location, saving you time to concentrate on taking your business forward. The software is designed to be easy and simple to use, yet powerful and flexible to your specific needs.


“Manage all aspects of your business from one place”


  • Full & Detailed Student Records – InFocus keeps all of your students on an easy to search student list. Break and filter the list by active/inactive/leads and unpaid.  Each member has their own comprehensive and detailed record, including contact details, emergency contacts, payment arrangements, payment history, attendance history, belt grade, program & classes, licence information and more!  Make adjustments to student arrangements directly through the software without the need to contact EFC


  • Integrated Direct Debit Collection Management – Manage your membership fee collection through InFocus. Set up payment plan schedules by Direct Debit or for in house collection, hold payments, cancel payments, reduce payments, its made easy with InFocus.


  • Real Time “Today Screen” Reporting – Your today screen keeps you right up to speed with any developments or notifications regarding your member accounts. Respond to notifications which are reported directly to your Account Manager via the software


  • Detailed Statistics & Reports – Create any report you desire via the InFocus “SMART” tool – DNS lists, Birthday lists, whatever you feel you need to run your business! Look at graphical, detailed statistics on your school, and on each specific student. Your online reports give you everything that you need to know, from how many new members have joined, to members with an outstanding payment.


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  • Track Student Attendance – The built in attendance module allows you to track and log students attendance by the scan of a bar code, by the click of a mouse, or via the touch of a button on an ipad or tablet!


  • Calendar & Events Planning – Manage your schools calendar, set tasks and reminders & keep a track of your team with the built in calendar. Repeat and move planned events around the calendar at the click of a button.


  • Template Manager – Create templates and mailers, and save them to your library so that they are ready and waiting for you when you need them. These can then be sent out using your communication tools


  • Documents Library – Looking for that Grading certificate, or maybe you can’t remember where you kept that students membership agreement? Your frustration is a thing of the past! Upload and save important documents to the student record, available when you need it


  • Prospect Management – Track your prospects and leads, and communicate with them via email or SMS. Use the template manager to create a library of mailings, so that emails and messages are ready to send when you need them


  • Class Schedule Management – Manage your timetable of lessons with the lesson planner and calendar tools – Check your calendar for your full timetable, or just review your “Today” screen which will automatically let you know what lessons you have coming up that day. Making changes is quick and easy


  • View Collection Total – View your membership collection totals for the current month, and easily access previous months totals together with a PDF billing report for download. The handy prediction feature allows you to plan and budget effectively for what lies ahead.


  • Email & SMS – Communicate with your members via email or SMS directly from InFocus. With no complicated set up process, you can start to compose new e-mails or text messages straight away, and replies are sent back to your inbox. Send messages to multiple members or students, and use templates to save your most used messages for quick selection.


  • Multiple User Accounts – Create as many login’s for you and your team as you like, with multiple levels of access available so that you can manage who in you team has access to what, from a basic “read only” access for information, to full “admin” access. Track who has made changes via the change log.


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