Dedicated, Ethical Membership Fee Management


EFC are more than just a billing company. We take care of the time consuming task of membership fee collection for you so you don’t have too, but we also manage the whole collection process from start to finish, from submitting the fee for collection right through to the fee being confirmed as paid and transferred to you.

Unfortunately from time to time a student’s membership fee may fail and become outstanding, and EFC are here to handle all of that for you too.


” Not just collection of the fee, full service management of the collection process”


Our systems are fully prepared and ready to deal with any unpaid membership payments that may arise.  Our in house default procedures ensure that missed payments are followed up quickly, and your Account Manager will keep in contact with you throughout the process to update you on any progress, all of which can also be monitored via your online software at any time.


“On average 96% of collections successfully collected first time”


As we are Direct Debit originators and approved with Auddis facilities there are no third parties in between us and the bank, we talk directly to the banking systems which allows for extremely fast reporting. We find out almost immediately which payment collections have been successful and which ones have not, so that we can deal with the situation in a timely manner.

Unlike some other providers we do not charge any fees for failed collections, and will only charge commission when the fee has been successfully collected for you.


“Immediate and timely reports on collection status”


Our dedicated, ethical and professional approach to dealing with late membership payments sets us apart from the rest and makes us a vital part of your business operation. Our highly trained Account Manager staff are equipped with the experience and expertise in order to help maximise your collection totals, but in an ethical way tailor made to the customer service industry.

We essentially work for you, so we will handle your membership base in the way in which you want us too.