UK & Ireland MPower Summit 2020 – Kick Start Your Martial Arts Business!


SATURDAY 14th & SUNDAY 15th MARCH 2020


The UK & Ireland MPower Summit is our annual client conference which allows Martial Arts & Fitness School owners to learn from and network with the best in the industry, and ultimately grow their business!

– Learn new skills and ideas for your entire team
– Learn principles and fundamentals that will grow your business
– Network with like minded people, who share the same day to day problems as you

This event is designed to motivate, educate and inspire your whole team – team leaders, instructors, program directors, admin staff, business owners and future leaders.

Business development ideas, Systems and techniques, Marketing tips for internal and external student recruitment,Instructor training sessions to develop or extend teaching skills and drills to keep students in class, Employer tools to grow your business in a sustainable way, we have it all covered.

There are multiple sessions running in each time slot, so make sure to bring the whole team to get the most out of the event.


“What an incredible weekend with some of the leading Martial Arts schools in the country.  I’ve been attending the MPower events for 12 years now and it just gets better every year. Systems to put in place to ensure you run an outstanding school, world class instructors training and coaching from the best martial artists and being able to network and share ideas. If you are not already a member of this remarkable organisation then I strong suggest you look into it”  Alex Hart – Kaizen Martial Arts Academy 



Five Key Elements

  1. Business Development – strategies, systems and ideas to manage and grow your school.
  2. Marketing – a wide array of tools and techniques to generate new members
  3. Instructor Workshops – Practical, on the mat proven skills to develop teaching craft, and to ensure student retention
  4. Financial Success – Secure your financial future with expert advice
  5. Training – Martial Arts Training



Ticket prices include entry to all seminars, lunches on both days, and our UK Awards Banquet on the Saturday evening – including entertainment!

Payment plan’s are available, so it’s really easy to book!

EFC Members – £170.00.00 per attendee
Non EFC Members – £199.00 per attendee

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“One of the most valuable times for me, meeting with nice people to learn and share knowledge and move on for a better future. Thanks to EFC for all of the support!” Seyit Bozdag – Bozdag Taekwondo Academy 


2019 Speakers – 2020 coming soon!


John is the CEO of Educational Funding Company Ltd & MPower International Association and has been involved in the Martial Arts industry for 40 years. John regularly mentors and coaches EFC clients and is renound as an inspirational speaker having presented at numerous worldwide events in the industry.







Breakout Sessions : COMING SOON!


Kyoshi Kovar is internationally renowned as a Martial Arts instructor with black belt degrees in ten different Martial Arts styles, and he is recognised worldwide as an innovator of best practices for Martial Arts school operation.

Known as a “Trainer of Trainers”, people from around the world routinely visit Dave’s Sacramento facilities to learn his instructional techniques, his business methods and his systems, which have now been implemented in hundreds of Martial Arts schools around the world.

Kyoshi now oversees the operation of eight Kovar’s Satori Academy schools in the USA boasting an average of 325 students in each location!



Breakout Sessions : COMING SOON!


Iain has been involved in the Martial Arts since childhood and holds the rank of 7th Dan with the British Combat Association, the British Combat Karate Association and the English Karate Federation. Iain regularly writes for the UK’s leading martial arts magazines and he is a member of the “Combat Hall of Fame” and we look forward to welcoming him in March 2019!

The repetition of forms can sometimes be more than a little dry for both student and instructor alike, but it does not need to be that way though! Iain’s exclusive session for the MPower Summit on “Maximising the Value of Forms” will cover how to unlock the lessons encapsulated by the forms in a way that students will find productive, enjoyable and enthralling. Iain has travelled the globe imparting these simple and yet powerful ideas. At this exclusive session, Iain will cover how to read the forms, how to create two-person drills based on the forms, and how to ensure forms have genuine relevance to self-defence. Whatever your core style, we are confident that this information will be very useful to you and your school.


Breakout Sessions : COMING SOON!


Renshi Chris Pritchard along with his wife Gemma are the owners of Pritchard’s Martial Arts based in Caernarfon, Wales.  Pritchard Martial Arts & fitness now have eight academy locations across north Wales.

Chris is a renowned Martial Artist & Instructor who has been training in the Martial Arts for over 30 years.  He holds 6th degree black belts in Shukokai Karate & Kickboxing and also a brown belt under Royce Gracie in Jiu Jitsu.  Chris has won many national & international titles in Karate, Kickboxing and weapon forms and has been voted the UK’s most inspiring Martial Arts teacher on more than one occasion.  Chris was awarded the title of Master Instructor by Hanshi Greg Tearney 10th Dan in June 2013.

Chris is also an active member of Pro-MAC, the consulting group led by Kyoshi Dave Kovar and actively mentors other school owners on behalf of the EFC and the Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu network.

Chris continuously travels to the United States, remaining a student in the Martial Arts to enhance his and the Pritchard’s Martial Arts team’s knowledge.

Breakout Sessions : COMING SOON!


Alex Hart is the owner of Kaizen Martial Arts Academy, a full time centre of excellence based in Waltham Abbey and part time centre of excellence in Felsted, Essex.

The Academy has approximately 400 members who train a minimum of twice a week to an all-inclusive programme.  There are 4 full time members of staff and 12 part time, who lesson plan and instruct 58 classes per week.

Alex has been teaching since she left school and has 29 years of teachers training under the English Karate Federation (EKF) as an instructor, with 24 years as a senior professional instructor, and 23 years experience as a personal trainer.



Breakout Sessions : COMING SOON!


Ken Pankiewicz joined his first Martial Arts school in 1983. He has been training for 33 years and started KickFit Martial Arts schools in 1991 after graduating from the University of Leeds.

Since then, the KickFit brand has continued to grow and now consists of five schools located 30 miles West of London, UK. There is a strong emphasis on great retention with 110 students or 16% of its membership currently training at Black Belt level. This year, KickFit celebrates its 26th anniversary with a series of special events throughout the year for its 600 students.  Ken has lead the team of instructors who focus on teaching children a variety of Martial Arts skills plus fostering a healthy lifestyle for the future. In addition, the 50 strong assistant instructor team is made up of mainly teenage students who have completed a structured training programme ready for a leadership role.

Ken is known for his knowledge of Martial Arts systems and good business practice from outside the industry. He has an eye for detail and is ready to share his knowledge with you.


Breakout Sessions : COMING SOON!


Chris is the owner of Tring Martial Arts Academy, a full time centre of excellence in Tring, Hertfordshire.  His centre has an active count of 250 students. With his 4 members of staff, they teach 44 classes per week and have demonstrated excellent retention with an average quit rate of 2.6% over the last two years.  Tring Martial Arts Academy has a healthy mix of adults and children training in its Kickboxing and Krav Maga Programmes.  Chris has been a full time professional martial arts instructor and school owner since 2005.

Tring Martial Arts Academy has experienced record growth since joining the EFC in 2010.  Never afraid of trying something new, Chris credits his rapid growth to his mentor Ken Pankiewicz, the EFC Business Management Guides and the many UK and US meetings that he has attended.  Chris is also a member of Pro-MAC, the consulting group led by Kyoshi Dave Kovar and now actively mentors other school owners on behalf of the EFC.

 “I can honestly say that joining the EFC was the best decision I ever made, I have grown immeasurably in all areas of my life and am now really living the dream.  If there is one piece of advice that anyone attending this event should take, it is to ACT on what you have been taught, ACT and ACT NOW

Breakout Sessions : COMING SOON!


Germanyˋs Top Martial Arts Business Consultant. His Organisation in Germany hosts some of the the most prestigious international Speakers of the Martial Arts Industry.  Stefan began studying Martial Arts in 1974 and earned his Black Belt in 1980. In the same year, he opened his first professional Martial Arts school.

In 1994 he became the first Business Consultant in German speaking Europe. Today he is the executive Director of MAM Germany and constantly leads the industry with new concepts and consults the largest firms in the industry.





Breakout Sessions : COMING SOON!


Dan is a 5th degree black belt and has been running his own martial arts school since 2002. His school has grown to over 350 martial arts students, along with 2 highly successful fitness programs. He now has a team of over 24 that help to run his school whilst he travels extensively to gain the best knowledge to help his own school to grow.

As well as attending a large number of events, Dan has been personally coached by JT Foxx, along with top entrepreneur Grant Cardone. As a highly sought after speaker the last 2 years have seen him speak at events in South Africa, America as well as up and down the UK; sharing the stage with the likes of Randi Zuckerberg, Ndaba Mandela (Nelson Mandela’s grandson) and Steve Wozniak.

Dan has a huge knowledge on marketing and having just come back from being personally invited to Facebook in Ireland, he brings a wealth of information on all of the latest marketing ideas that Facebook are bringing out this year. He is also an expert in retention; over half of his students have been training at his school for longer than 2 years and his quit rate for 2018 was only 2.33%.

Breakout Sessions : COMING SOON!


Nick has spent over 17 years working with major UK financial institutions, mainly advising professionals such as Partners in Accountancy, Law and

Medical Practitioners on all aspects of their Financial Planning.

Nick looks after many business owners regarding personal and corporate financial planning, including aspects of exit strategies for businesses, tax efficient capital re-investment and planning following business sales. He is also a Member of the Society of Later Life Advisers. He aims to keep clients aware of the most up-to-date information within the markets and capitalises to help provide clients with the very best advice. After determining your specific financial goals and objectives, and assessing your risk tolerances, we will be able to develop a comprehensive strategy tailored to your individual needs.



Breakout Sessions : COMING SOON!


Chris Folmer, EFC’s Director of Product Management & Marketing will be attending the UK MPower Summit 2018!  Chris will present on the upcoming release of our school management software upgrade, BudoCode Student App, and will facilitate a practical Cane workshop.

A self-described “marketing technologist,” Chris has over fifteen years of mobile strategy and multi-screen product leadership experience with companies such as Nokia, Handango, BELO Interactive, and Toyota. Chris is also a Martial Artist, with nearly 40 years of experience on the mat as a student and school owner. He holds advanced Black Belt ranking in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Aikido. Chris is also an Instructor with the Cane Masters International Association.

His vision is to improve participation in the Martial Arts by using technology to increase student engagement.


Breakout Sessions : COMING SOON!



What else will i get from the EFC UK MPower Summit?

  • Networking – Spend time networking and building new friendships with fellow school owners facing the same problems and issues as you are on a daily basis
  • Learn – From top performing School Owners who are running their school’s day to day
  • EFC Awards Evening & Entertainment Dinner
  • New motivation to have a great 2020!
  • One to One’s with EFC Advisory Board Member/Speakers


Other Information

Venue: TBC

Cost: £170.00 per attendee for EFC clients / £199.00 non EFC attendees

(Includes Access to all seminars & breakouts, lunch both days, Saturday evening awards dinner and entertainment)

Contact us on 01793 764550 or email to register today!

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